Be our equal guest

Being a host is an important responsibility.

A good one will make you feel valued as a guest. A bad one won’t even acknowledge you.

Known for its “Butterburgers” and frozen custard, Midwestern restaurant chain Culver’s is built upon honoring its guests. Its no wonder – its family-owned locations have a secure feel, from employees’ warm hospitality to a menu filled with comfortable, kitchen favorites.

The Culver’s website validates all of this with assurance: “Since day one, we knew we just had to take care of our guests, and that’s why we try to make you feel welcomed like a guest in our home.”

Then we stumbled across The Ad.

Imagine how dads must feel when watching a video about chicken tenders that purports mom to be the family’s primary authority.


This message – which caters only to moms – hardly makes dads feel like valued customers. It runs contradictory to a company mission centered upon treating everyone like guests in the Culver’s home.

In the big picture, The Ad is about more than selling chicken tenders. In today’s modern world, dads are equal, competent parents and deserve to be treated as such. Marketing to both parents – rather than alienating one of them – is just smart business.

And it strengthens families.