Of Course, Dads Cook

If you’re a dad who subscribes to the Betty Crocker newsletter, things must have felt rather awkward recently.

In one of its latest editions, BC didn’t hide who it considers its intended audience.

Of course, it’s a slap in the face to dads who cook. It’s also a blow to women, who for decades were told that their place was in a certain room in the house. BC drives home that point in more ways than one.

Take a look at BettyCrocker.com, where you’ll have to dig deep to find a photo of a man. (We’re still digging and haven’t found one yet.)

It also has a practice of excluding dads in ads over the years.

If its mission truly is to “teach people to cook,” BC might want to remember that people come in all shapes and sizes. Fathers represent an incredibly untapped market in the kitchen space, and it’s high time BC invites dads to the table.

It’s hard enough for dads to warm up to a name like Betty Crocker, so the least it could do is make men feel welcome.