Playtex Baby Forgets Half of Its Customers

The tagline for Playtex Baby is three simple words: We Know Babies.

But does it know parents? As in, all parents. Visit its website and you’ll find a special section titled, Mommy & Baby, where there are a handful of useful, yet one-sided stories such as:

? Mom-to-Be’s Guide to
? Playtex Innovations
? The Love Connection: 5 Ways to Bond with Baby
? Be Ready for Baby’s Arrival with Eight Must-Have Registry Items

The first story makes you believe its content might be focused on breastfeeding or pregnancy. Alas, it’s a sales pitch for its primary products – bottles, Diaper Genies, pacifiers and sippies. Of course, none of these are specifically mom-centric items. Playtex Baby proves as much by using a photo of a dad with this Mommy section’s “love connection” story.

Like that photo of the dad – it’s the only one you’ll find on its entire website. It’s a classic case of misrepresenting families and biting the hand of the person whose salary likely helps to pay for every Playtex item purchased.

Playtex Baby serves as another example of a company who ignores half of its customers. Performing so demeans and ignores the irreplaceable need for dads.

Perform better, Playtex. There are a lot of options for baby products, and customers are watching.