An Idea for Teachers: Make Father’s Day Gifts Before School Lets Out

Something wonderful happens every May in schools – when school children bring home decorated cards, homemade gifts and adorable crafts for Mother’s Day.

The presents are as much fun to make as they are to receive. Think about how this simple gesture unfolds: teachers give a portion of their schedule to devising a game plan, class periods are devoted to the creations, and kids learn a valuable lesson about expressing love to their moms. They all give their time – arguably the best gift of all.

In June, however, history does not repeat itself. That’s no fault of anyone’s, of course – most schools are closed by mid-June. Alas, Father’s Day is overlooked. It’s a missed school opportunity beyond measure.

But here’s an open plea to teachers: it’s time to do something to honor fathers.

Who says classrooms can’t create a craft before school lets out? Teachers could easily conduct the same exercise for Father’s Day with a little preparation.

Sure, there may be several days between the end of school and Father’s Day, increasing the chance the gift could get lost or forgotten by the time the holiday arrives. However, nothing would be lost on the chance for kids to articulate love for their dads.

And who’s to say teachers can’t do something outside-the-box? How about conducting an in-school activity before school lets out that involves dads and kids making it together? It could even be conducted at a non-traditional time of year, such as in the fall.

Ideas are aplenty but make no mistake – society is missing a grand chance to convey love to fathers in a meaningful way. It’s high time for schools to take the step and show appreciation for the other equally important piece of the parenting equation.

Performing so would make June even more special for dads who tend to be underappreciated in culture.

Every dad wants that homemade, tear-inducing gift as much as mom does. Let’s make it happen in schools. Society will be the better for it.